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Team Climbing Journey

Team Climbing Journey
May 01, 2024

Every team needs relaxation and activities during intense work to enhance mutual trust and unity among members. As an activity full of challenges and teamwork, mountain climbing can not only enhance the cohesion of the team, but also inspire the courage and unlimited potential of the members. Recently, our OSCAN team who dealed with the monitor display markets traveled to the first peak in Shenzhen and experienced an unforgettable mountain climbing team-building activity during our May Day Holidays.


In the early morning, our team leader led the team members on the journey. A chill came over, but everyone's enthusiasm was higher than ever. At the beginning, some people were nervous about the difficulties and dangers they were about to face, but after a brief warm-up activity and the encouragement of the team leader, we gradually put down our burdens and embarked on the journey to challenge the mountains.


During the climb, we experienced how individual strength cannot match the strength of a team. Everyone strives to move forward within their own abilities, but the strength of the team allows us to exceed our individual limits. On the steep mountain wall, we help each other climb. If one person is trapped in a narrow gap, others will lend a helping hand and use team strength to solve the problem. This scene of solidarity and mutual help made us feel the strength and unlimited potential of the team.


In addition to teamwork, the hill climb also allowed us to better understand the personalities and strengths of our team members. Everyone has their own unique way of climbing, some like to climb quickly and directly, others prefer to choose their routes carefully. Such diverse personalities inspire us and allow us to realize that the power of a team comes from the collaboration and mutual learning of different members.


The time to reach the top finally arrived. We stood on the top of the mountain and looked out into the distance, feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and an increase in team cohesion. Standing at a high place, what we see is not only the magnificent scenery, but more importantly, we have climbed to the peak with our team's efforts and wisdom. From this mountain climbing team building activity, we understand that the power of a team is incomparable. Only by trusting each other and cooperating seamlessly can we climb higher peaks. We also believe at this moment that we can also make our 7 inch-22 inch monitors sold around the world and widely known.


Through this mountain climbing team building activity, our team supported each other in difficulties and overcame them. Not only did we improve mutual trust and cooperation among team members, we also understood the importance of teamwork. Mountain climbing team building activities make our team closer and more energetic, full of strength and confidence. Yes, we are ready to meet any challenge!

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