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OSCAN announces successful shipment to meet customer monitors demand

OSCAN announces successful shipment to meet customer monitors demand
May 09, 2024

As a leading global supply monitors solutions provider, Oscan proud to announce that after careful planning and efficient execution, it has successfully completed the shipment of its latest batch of products to meet the needs of global customers.


This shipment marks Oscan's continued efforts to meet customer expectations while demonstrating its superior supply chain management capabilities and on-time delivery. In order to ensure the high quality and integrity of the lcd display products, Oscan adopts industry-leading packaging and transportation solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of the products during transportation.


According to the comments of Mr. Deng, CEO of Company,"We are very proud that this shipment was completed on time. Our team has demonstrated expertise and commitment to ensuring the product is delivered to customers to the highest standard."


This batch of shipments includes Oscan's latest innovative touch screen monitor, open frame monitor as well as industrial monitors series, covering the needs of a number of different industries and markets. The R&D and production processes of these products undergo strict quality control and have received extensive market feedback and recognition in the past few months.


With the successful completion of this shipment, OSCAN has once again consolidated its position as a global LED LCD Monitors supply solutions provider and demonstrated its focus and commitment to customer needs. Oscan will continue to work hard to improve 7 inch to 22 inch monitors quality and delivery speed to meet customer needs in the highly competitive market.


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