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Sales staff visit the factory to learn about the production process and quality management system

Sales staff visit the factory to learn about the production process and quality management system
June 10, 2023


As the market competition intensifies, the role of modern salespeople is increasingly changing. They need to continuously learn new knowledge and understand more about market and product information to meet customers' needs. Therefore, we organized the sales department to visit the factory on June 10th to learn about the production process and quality management system.



During the visit, salespeople went deep into the factory workshops and quality inspection centers to personally experience the company's production process and rigorous quality management system. They had in-depth exchanges with the factory production personnel and quality team to understand the details and process of each link. At the same time, they also learned more about the product features and performance of the factory.


"We learned a lot of interesting things, including the factory's quality control process, production capacity, and order management, which are very helpful for our future work and business communication," Jessie Wang said.

Another salesperson, Ikki Yang also said that this visit made her better understand the specific situation of the product and factory, and deepened the communication and trust with customers. "We can more accurately understand the needs of customers and provide them with more suitable products and services."

The factory's brand manager also said that this visit was made to provide better products and services for salespeople. "We hope that through salespeople's close contact with products and factories, they can better understand the factory and provide better services for the end customers."

Although this visit was only a short journey, it injected new vitality into the personal growth and work quality of salespeople. This visit reflects the close cooperation relationship between the factory and salespeople, allowing salespeople to have a more intuitive understanding of the factory and products, which helps to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise and meet customers' needs.


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