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High-tech solutions provider- Joe Inc visit to Shenzhen Oscan Electronics Co., Ltd.

High-tech solutions provider- Joe Inc visit to Shenzhen Oscan Electronics Co., Ltd.
March 10, 2023

Shenzhen Oscan Electronics Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes Joe Inc, a prominent high-tech solutions provider, for an upcoming visit to their production site. This exciting venture, set for March 1st to March 31, is slated to delve into the examination and discussion of the ever-evolving LCD display technology and its future implications.

 Joe Inc. reputation for pioneering innovative display industry solutions is well-known. Their broad-ranging experience has also allowed them to offer top-notch customized solutions to clients from across the globe. It is, therefore, a great honor for ABC Electronics Co., Ltd. to have Joe Inc. visit their production site for an extended review and collaborative work session.

"We eagerly look forward to collaborating with the Joe Inc. team," noted James Deng, Shenzhen Oscan Electronics Co., Ltd. 's CEO. "In the coming days, we hope to share innovative ideas, engage in joint projects, and explore new methods that will help us tackle industry challenges together."

Both Oscan and Joe Inc. have a wealth of expertise in the display technology sector, with a shared goal of continued improvement and innovation. The planned visit is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to deepen knowledge on technical trends and applications and establish exciting long-term collaborative opportunities.

As John Franklin from Joe Inc. points out "We are truly honored to be a part of this event. The chance to share ideas, collaborate, and experience the process is vital for both our companies and the industry as a whole." Oscan looks forward to further investing in valuable collaborative relationships and forging ahead with a prosperous partnership with Joe Inc.

Overall, the upcoming visit marks an essential milestone in the strategic cooperation between these two leading companies. It is an exciting opportunity to facilitate productive and successful projects that will be enjoyed by both organizations in the future.


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