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Oscan releases an exciting promotional company video

Oscan releases an exciting promotional company video
May 20, 2024

Oscan Company has earned a reputation within the monitor industry for its excellence in innovation and dedication to its mission. Today, the company is proud to announce that they are about to release a compelling promotional video to showcase their unique brand image and core values to the public.

This promotional video aims to convey to the audience Oscan's solid technical strength and strict pursuit of quality through wonderful scenes and touching stories. The audience will be taken on an exciting and thrilling journey, showcasing the wide range of applications of Oscan's innovative 7 inch to 22 inch different kinds of monitor products and solutions in different fields.

As company CEO James Deng said: "We are very proud to release this exciting promotional video. It is not only an opportunity to showcase our products and technologies, but also to demonstrate our values and commitment to the future to a broad audience. Through this promotional video, we hope to inspire more people to be passionate about innovation and sustainable development.”

Oscan's promotional video will be released on the company's official website and major social media platforms this week. Audiences can look forward to a stunning visual feast and at the same time feel ABC’s commitment to continuously improving life and society.

For Oscan this promotional video is an important milestone, marking the company's broader communication channels for its achievements and vision. Whether focusing on technological innovation or chasing a more sustainable future, this campaign will be a source of trendsetters and inspiration.


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