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Full lamination technology of industrial monitors has become a trend for high-end products in the industry

Full lamination technology of industrial monitors has become a trend for high-end products in the industry
May 26, 2024


large-sized display monitor devices

The full lamination process replaces the traditional frame lamination process to eliminate the impact of the air layer between the display panel and the protective cover on the optical effects and improve the readability of the display, which is an extremely important part. The promotion of full lamination technology in the field of display device modules for consumer electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets not only allows mobile phones and tablets to achieve better thinness and lightness, but also greatly improves the optical efficiency of display devices, saving money. A large amount of battery loss increases the battery life of the product.


As the resolution of medium and large-sized display monitor devices is also developing towards 2K\4K, or even 8K resolution, customers also need to take advantage of the excellent performance of these display devices and use full lamination technology to process protective covers. Assembling will become a trend for high-end products in the industry, just like full-fit applications on mobile phones and tablets.


Currently, many industrial control and automotive display modules are beginning to require module manufacturers to provide products with fully-fitting protective covers. According to feedback from terminal manufacturers, more and more industrial equipment or automotive electronics will be controlled by linking with mobile phones or tablets in the future. And now OSCAN also produce our new 10 inch customer display as well as 22 inch true flat 10 points capacitive touch screen monitor with full lamination technology. Therefore, relevant interfaces will be prepared to welcome the arrival of the Internet of Things era. 

capacitive touch screen monitor


At the same time, the application of full lamination technology in industrial display device modules has also greatly improved the reliability and technical indicators of the product. Its products are not only improved in explosion-proof, earthquake-resistant, drop-resistant, anti-distortion and other indicators due to increased strength. It has been greatly improved, and its performance indicators have also been greatly improved in environmental impact tests such as dustproof, waterproof, salt spray resistance, temperature, humidity, etc., allowing this kind of industrial control display module product with full lamination process to be used in It has quickly attracted the attention of major brand customers in the industry.

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