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OSCAN Company Held An Annual Meeting

OSCAN Company Held An Annual Meeting
January 19, 2024


On January 19, 2024, Oscan Monitor Company held its annual annual meeting grandly, bringing an unforgettable day to its employees. Oscan has always attached great importance to the development of employees and the cohesion of team spirit. The purpose of this annual meeting is to express gratitude to employees, stimulate their motivation, and jointly meet the challenges of the new year.


In this annual meeting, OSCAN carefully planned a series of colorful programs for employees. First, the company's senior leaders delivered a passionate speech, thanking the employees for their hard work and achievements in the past year. Subsequently, the annual commendation and award ceremony kicked off, commending and rewarding employees with outstanding performance in various positions, fully demonstrating the company's recognition and encouragement of employees' efforts.


In addition to the solemn commendation session, the annual meeting also features a variety of interactive games and entertainment programs, allowing employees to demonstrate their teamwork capabilities and personal talents in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Everyone competed with each other and interacted happily, demonstrating the united, friendly and positive corporate culture of OSCAN.


One of the highlights of this annual meeting was the exquisite dinner the company prepared for employees. The food cooked by the chefs gave the employees a surprise on their tongues, and they enjoyed the food and happiness together. During the dinner, the company also arranged performances and lucky draws to make the atmosphere more lively and every employee could feel the company's importance and care for them.


Oscan's annual meeting is not only a simple gathering, but also an opportunity for common growth and common challenges. Through such activities, employees not only deepen their understanding and emotional connection with each other, but also inject new motivation and confidence into the company's future monitor display development. OSCAN believes that only by uniting, cooperating and moving forward together can we achieve a more brilliant tomorrow.



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