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How Oscan doing the quality inspection?

How Oscan doing the quality inspection?
April 26, 2024

Quality inspection is crucial in the product manufacturing process to that the products meet required standards and specifications. It is an important step to identify and rectify any or issues before the products reach the customers.
So as the POS system and monitors manufacturer, our Oscan attach great importance to product quality inspection steps.
Normally, the following steps can be followed:
1.Develop quality standards: Based on product design specifications and customer requirements, formulate detailed quality standards to clarify product requirements and performance indicators.

2.Collect samples: randomly collect a certain number of samples from the production batch to represent the quality level of the overall batch.

3.Conduct appearance inspection: Check whether the appearance of the pos computer or touch screen monitors can meet customers’ requirements, such as size, color, surface treatment, etc.

4.Carry out functional testing: Test the functions of the pos all in one or lcd monitors to ensure that it operates normally according to the specified functions and performance indicators.

5.Conduct reliability testing: Test the reliability and durability of the product by simulating the use environment and conditions of the product, including tests of normal use, extreme conditions, and long-term operation. In this case, we will doing over 8 hours aging test, and also will use the High and low temperature testing instrument to test the monitors if needed.

6.Conduct safety testing: Check whether the product complies with relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure that the product will not cause harm to users during normal use.

7.Conduct laboratory testing: Use laboratory equipment to conduct special testing, such as material composition analysis, physical performance testing, chemical composition testing, etc.

8.Conduct data analysis: conduct data analysis and comparison based on test results, compare with quality standards, and determine whether the product meets the requirements.

9.Dealing with non-conforming products: If a product is found to be non-compliant, appropriate measures will be taken to deal with it, such as repair, re-production, return, etc.

10.Maintain records and feedback: record the results and processing of quality inspections, and provide feedback to the production department to improve the production process and product design.

The above are general product quality testing steps. The specific methods and extent can be adjusted and supplemented according to the characteristics of different products and industry standards. It is important to establish a systematic quality management system and strictly implement quality inspection procedures to ensure that products are of high quality before being delivered to customers.


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