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Ikki’s Customer from United States Visit Oscan

Ikki’s Customer from United States Visit Oscan
April 15, 2024

As an manufacturer that specializes in POS hardware, LCD/LED monitors and POS peripheral products, our company needs to understand and master product-related professional knowledge when introducing products to customers, such as product functions, configurations, usage scenarios, etc., so that customers can Feeling our professionalism will help improve customers' trust in our company and our products.

This week, a customer from USA came to visit our company and see the touch screen monitor and customer display samples. This is an opportunity to leave a good impression on the customer, and at the same time show that the cooperation potential of this customer is relatively large.

When customers look at the samples, we can display more of the product's appearance, performance, and some adapted accessories. In this way, customers can increase the possibility of purchasing other supporting products together according to their own product needs. In addition, during the communication process, you can understand the industry in which the customer is located, the customer's purchasing plan, where the products purchased by the customer are used, and whether the customer needs it himself or buys it for his customers. In addition, different configurations will also have different prices. Therefore, when recommending the monitors, you need to understand whether customers have requirements for VGA, HDMI, AV, BNC interface, with touch or no touch screen, plastic case or metal case, etc. This way, when recommending products, you can clearly identify which one is more popular. Easy for customers to accept.

Customer visits play an important role in establishing long-term relationships. Customer satisfaction with the company and products will affect the customer's chance of returning the order. In addition, it is also important to understand the customer's background in advance before they visit, so that on the basis of understanding the customer's basic information, the communication will be smoother, and the communication will be better able to capture the information the customer wants to know. 

Welcome more customers to visit our company!

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